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As a parent and former elementary educator in the public school sector, I am truly appreciative and thankful that this experiential program is a daily supplement to my children's educational experience. This program supports effectively the educational tenets of pre-school age students where the benefits of hands-on/sensorial learning has been documented as having a positive and lasting effect on children's learning. I have had several opportunities to observe my pre-school age son in this fun and educational environment as well as attest to the difference it has made in his learning. He comes back home trying to re-enact some of the activities. My younger son is not left out of the sensory experience. Now I'm finding it hard (in a good way!) to keep up with his exploratory interests as his worldview has been broadened!:) I encourage you to to do walk-throughs and observations of the Kinectory. It's a child's delight with an amazing plethora of activities where you can always hear the excitement as the children learn and play.

Ann Nwabuzor, Ph.D.

I am writing to endorse to you the Kinectory program. I observed a student during an assessment and was very impressed. The director, Lexa Jack, is very knowledgeable and child-focused. As a Speech Language Pathologist, I am supportive of this program as part of the children's daily educational experience. This program supports the benefits of hands-on/sensorial learning. I encourage you to send representatives to do walk-throughs and observations of the Kinectory.

Donya Sitzman, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

The Kinectory has served as a fundamental building block for learning at Cornerstone Connection. As a Speech Therapist, I am very impressed with the organization of the program. The detail and meticulous planning that has gone into the Kinectory far exceeds any expectations of a sensory program I’ve seen in a child development center. Through sensory integration play, a child’s brain changes the way it processes information that is presented to them in day to day activities. For example, a child who hears a loud noise may react more positively to that noise if the child has been exposed to sensory integration play than a child who has not. With respect to speech acquisition, children who are more in tune with information processed through the senses are less likely to have difficulties with auditory processing. Auditory processes involve the ability to comprehend verbal instructions. The ability for a child to understand verbal directions or process new information being taught in a classroom is a fundamental step in speech acquisition. If a child cannot understand what’s being said, chances are they will not be able to relay that information to someone else. Play that addresses the sensory needs of children is such an important part of child development. Through an adequate sensory integration program, like The Kinectory, a child can be guaranteed to have a firm foundation for future learning!

Stephanie Perez

Speech Therapist

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